What Shoes Should I Wear For Canyoneering

Hiking requires footwear that can handle a variety of terrains while providing comfort, support, and durability. Skechers, a brand known primarily for its casual and athletic shoes, has also ventured into the realm of hiking footwear. This raises the question: Are Skechers shoes good for hiking? This article explores the key features of Skechers hiking shoes, their advantages and disadvantages, and considerations to help you determine if they are the right choice for your hiking adventures.

Key Features of Skechers Hiking Shoes

Skechers has designed several models aimed at hikers, incorporating features that cater to the demands of the activity. Here are some of the key characteristics of Skechers hiking shoes:

1. Comfort

Skechers shoes are renowned for their comfort, often featuring memory foam insoles, padded collars, and cushioned midsoles. These elements contribute to a comfortable fit, which is essential for long hikes.

2. Traction

Skechers hiking shoes typically come with rugged outsoles made from durable rubber, designed to provide good traction on various surfaces. The tread patterns are often multi-directional, enhancing grip on both wet and dry terrains.

3. Support

While not as robust as some specialized hiking boots, Skechers hiking shoes offer moderate support. Many models feature reinforced heels and sturdy construction to provide stability and support for light to moderate hiking.

4. Breathability

Breathable materials are commonly used in Skechers hiking shoes to ensure that feet stay cool and dry. Mesh panels and moisture-wicking linings are standard features that help prevent overheating and reduce the risk of blisters.

5. Lightweight Design

Skechers hiking shoes tend to be lighter than traditional hiking boots, which can reduce fatigue during long hikes. This lightweight design is particularly appealing for those who prefer agility and speed on the trail.

Advantages of Skechers Hiking Shoes

1. Affordability

One of the primary advantages of Skechers hiking shoes is their affordability. They are generally priced lower than many specialized hiking boots, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious hikers.

2. Versatility

Skechers hiking shoes are versatile and can be used for various activities beyond hiking, such as casual walking, travel, and everyday wear. This makes them a practical choice for those who want multi-purpose footwear.

3. Immediate Comfort

Skechers shoes are known for their immediate comfort with minimal break-in period. This can be beneficial for hikers who want to avoid the discomfort that sometimes comes with breaking in new hiking boots.

4. Wide Range of Styles

Skechers offers a wide range of styles and designs, allowing hikers to find shoes that suit their personal preferences and aesthetic tastes. Whether you prefer low-cut shoes or mid-ankle designs, Skechers has options available.

Disadvantages of Skechers Hiking Shoes

1. Limited Durability

While Skechers hiking shoes are designed for comfort, they may not be as durable as specialized hiking boots made by brands that focus exclusively on outdoor gear. For frequent and intensive hikers, this could mean replacing shoes more often.

2. Moderate Support

Skechers hiking shoes provide moderate support, which might not be sufficient for challenging terrains or carrying heavy loads. Hikers who require maximum ankle support and protection may need to look at more robust options.

3. Water Resistance

Although some Skechers hiking models feature water-resistant materials, they may not offer the same level of waterproof protection as specialized hiking boots. In wet conditions, this could lead to discomfort and potential foot issues.

4. Traction Limitations

While the traction provided by Skechers hiking shoes is generally adequate for light to moderate trails, it may not be sufficient for very slippery or technical terrains. Hikers tackling such conditions may require shoes with more aggressive tread patterns.

Considerations for Choosing Hiking Footwear

When deciding whether Skechers hiking shoes are right for you, consider the following factors:

1. Type of Hiking

Consider the type of hiking you plan to do. For casual hikes on well-maintained trails, Skechers hiking shoes can be a good option. However, for more demanding hikes involving rough, uneven, or technical terrain, specialized hiking boots might be a better choice.

2. Duration and Frequency

How often and how long do you hike? If you are a frequent hiker or embark on long, multi-day hikes, investing in more durable and supportive hiking boots could be beneficial. Skechers hiking shoes are more suited for occasional day hikes.

3. Weather Conditions

Think about the weather conditions you’ll be hiking in. If you expect to encounter wet, muddy, or snowy conditions, shoes with better waterproofing and traction than what Skechers typically offers might be necessary.

4. Personal Comfort

Ultimately, the best hiking shoe is one that fits well and feels comfortable. Skechers is known for comfort, so if their hiking shoes fit you well and meet your needs, they can be a viable option.


1. Are Skechers hiking shoes suitable for long-distance hiking?

Skechers hiking shoes can be suitable for long-distance hiking on well-maintained trails and moderate terrain. However, for rougher terrains and extended backpacking trips, you might need shoes with more support and durability.

2. How do Skechers hiking shoes compare to other brands?

Skechers hiking shoes are generally more affordable and comfortable right out of the box compared to some specialized hiking brands. However, they may lack the durability, support, and advanced features found in brands that focus solely on hiking footwear.

3. Can Skechers hiking shoes be used in wet conditions?

Some Skechers hiking shoes offer water-resistant features, but they may not provide the same level of waterproof protection as dedicated hiking boots. For consistently wet or very muddy conditions, consider footwear specifically designed for waterproofing.

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Skechers hiking shoes offer a blend of comfort, affordability, and versatility that makes them a good option for light to moderate hiking. They are particularly suitable for casual hikers and those who hike on well-maintained trails. However, for more demanding hikes, frequent use, or adverse weather conditions, hikers may need to consider more specialized and durable footwear options.

Ultimately, whether Skechers hiking shoes are right for you depends on your specific needs, the type of terrain you hike on, and how often you hit the trails. By understanding the advantages and limitations of Skechers hiking shoes, you can make an informed decision and choose the best footwear for your outdoor adventures.

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