It’s an essential part of a player’s equipment – having the right shoe. For your feet to feel their best during a match or practice, you need shoes that provide the level of breathability necessary for performance and comfort. Shoes with breathability help support athletes as they move across various court surfaces, regulate temperature and improve hygiene.

But what really is a breathable shoe? In this blog post, we will explain how breathability works in shoes, discuss why it matters for players and provide tips on buying the most suitable shoes for superior foot health and performance.

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What are breathable shoes?

Breathable shoes are designed with materials that allow air to pass through them, allowing moisture and heat to escape. This helps the feet stay cooler, dryer, and more comfortable during sweaty games or intense practices. Breathability is usually achieved by using mesh fabrics in the upper part of the shoe. These fabrics create a network of tiny holes that allow air to enter and escape, regulating temperature and keeping feet from becoming too hot or cold.

Why is breathability important?

Having the right level of breathability in shoes helps players perform better during games or practices. It keeps their feet cool, dry, and comfortable while they’re on the court, reducing the risk of blisters, odor, and other foot-related issues. Breathable shoes also provide support as they move across different court surfaces, helping to keep players’ feet safe from potential injuries while they play or practice.

Tips for buying breathable shoes

When shopping for new shoes, look for those with mesh panels or other breathable materials in the upper portion of the shoe. You should also consider the thickness of the material, as thicker materials may offer more support but can also reduce breathability. Before buying a pair, try them on and walk around in them to make sure they’re comfortable and fit properly.

What causes feet to sweat in shoes?

Feet tend to sweat in shoes because of increased temperature and friction. The higher the temperature, the more likely you are to sweat in your shoes – which is why breathability is so important for athletes. Additionally, when your feet rub against the inside of a shoe, it can increase friction and cause sweating.

This is especially true if you’re wearing a shoe that is too tight or doesn’t fit properly. As such, it’s important to find shoes that fit correctly and are made of breathable materials to help keep your feet comfortable and dry.


Having the right pair of shoes with good breathability is essential for any athlete. Breathable shoes allow air to enter and escape, helping regulate temperature and reduce the risk of foot-related issues while on the court. Make sure to look for shoes with breathable materials in the upper portion of the shoe and try them on before purchasing. With these tips, you’ll be sure to find a pair that fits your feet perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my feet start to sweat in my shoes?

If your feet start to sweat in your shoes, try taking them off and allowing your feet to air out. You should also look for shoes with breathable materials such as mesh fabric which will help keep your feet cooler and dryer.

What is the best material for a breathable shoe?

The best material for a breathable shoe is mesh fabric. It creates a network of tiny holes that allow air to enter and escape, regulating temperature and keeping feet from becoming too hot or cold.

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