The most common cause of female discomfort is an ill-fitting shoe. It can result in an increased risk of falling at work, difficulty concentrating on work tasks and even higher rates of unemployment in the workplace than men with similar symptoms.

The wearer of shoes that do not fit properly can suffer from a number of problems as a result. There is a chance that they will be too tight on you or they will lose their shape after some time, making it uncomfortable for you to wear them for an extended period of time.

The wrong shoe could also lead you to more serious issues such as pain and inconvenience because these types of footwear will never become comfortable with use over many hours on end; they’re only suitable while standing still not moving around in modern-day society.


Women’s shoes come in different lengths, widths, and styles (see the average shoe size chart by height). If you wear one slightly larger than the other then this may cause problems with your feet. Shoes that are too tight will put pressure on them which can lead to pain over time as well as inflammation caused by improper circulation around our bodies' interior landscape no Bueno.

To get the perfect fit, first, measure your foot and make sure that when you put it in its normal position (sitting comfortably between two markers) there isn’t any gap or space. Shoes should also feel snug but not tight. For beginners who sometimes have larger feet like mine, I would recommend you get another pair if there is even a little pinch on either side of the shoe.

When trying on shoes, make sure that the heel is about 1cm shorter than your own. Heels tend to wear out more quickly than shoe soles because they take abuse when walking and can lead you into painful situations if not shortened properly. This allows for an even gap between floors/ Shoes themselves should have no pressure points at all; it will only cause discomfort.

When you’re walking, the heel of your shoe should be higher than 1 cm (1/2 in) from floor level and 2 inches max. This will give you stability while also allowing some moisture to escape so that it’s less damaging for joints - especially if they are injured or have arthritis.

Toe room

When trying on shoes, make sure you have enough room for your toes. The more wiggle room they give me the better I feel! This also goes with tight footwear that may be causing problems in other areas like pinching or being uncomfortable-it’s all about circulation here so let them go find their perfect match before it gets too late.


To find the perfect fit, it’s important to pay attention not just to where your shoe meets up with each separate part of yourself. For example, You’ll notice that there are no holes or bends in this sole-which means it’s solid. This will help prevent any uncomfortable spaces from forming between us when walking due to irritation caused by tight shoes rubbing against tender areas such as heels.


You should be able to feel the padding in your shoes. You may want to try another pair of socks until you find one that provides just the right amount of support without being bulky or heavy on top of being comfortable when walking around all day long if you find that one is too thick. You can also sit down with them before buying and see if this leads to an enjoyable experience while wearing said footwear instead (or at least try).


For those times when you need to dry out leather, there is nothing better than a teabag. Place them in an open shoe overnight and leave them as such for about 5 hours or so before retiring the bag-filled footwear back onto its regular spot on your feet (or place).

You can also use these same methods with some white vinegar mixed into whatever other stains have accumulated inside one’s favorite pair of shoes; this will get rid of both foul odors and deodorize any unwanted substances within said desirable pieces.

Deal with High Heel

High heels are not a great idea for anyone, but they can cause serious problems when worn by someone who has poor balance or an injury in their right leg. The first problem you’ll run into is instability-high Heels make your heel slip backward and forwards which causes discomfort on top of strain to ankles from all that walking around.


Moleskin is a type of skin protection for your feet that can be easily applied to the soles of any shoe. It’s made from milled cotton with an adhesive backing, so you just need scissors and some patience.


So, the next time you go shoe shopping, be sure to try on a variety of sizes and styles. And if you’re having discomfort or pain in your feet or ankles, it’s worth it to visit a specialist who can help you find the perfect pair of shoes for your needs. Don’t let ill-fitting shoes ruin your day - get relief today.

Andrew Robert
I am Robert Andrew and I have been reviewing shoes for the past 4 years. Living in California, I have a wide variety of shoes to choose from and review. I enjoy sharing my thoughts on different types of shoes with others who are looking for information before making a purchase.