There is a lot you can do with just two shoestrings. You might think that tying boat shoes have to be complicated, but it’s really not. There are five different knots used for this purpose. The Barrel (or Centre) Loop Ring Bolster Technique; Chain Knot Surgeon’s Knot and Tassel Loops / Tails too.

To get started all your equipment needs would be lace-ups made from leather laces that have been tightened securely using one or more basic techniques such as these first 2-3 steps in the below list.

Four Methods To Tie Boat Shoes

How To Tie A Barrel Knot?

To tie in this method, you should follow the steps below:

  1. To make a shoelace, fold one side of the fabric over itself. Leave about 3-4 inches on either end so you can sew it closed and shrink it down later if needed.
  2. With one hand, keep the loop by placing it between your thumb and index finger. With another free arm twist tightly several times to make sure there are no gaps for dirt or germs to happen.
  3. Like wrapping a present, make sure you keep the loop with one hand and use your other arm to do all of this in reverse starting at the bottom. Wrap from the top down then back around again.
  4. To fasten your shoe, put the end of the lace into a loop and pull it tightly while pushing on the top side. Once you have pulled all wrinkles out from underneath, push the knot toward footwear so that no loose strings remain visible.
  5. Repeat the above-mentioned procedure with the other lace.
  6. With a pair of sharp scissors, trim the excess leather laces to prevent them from getting dirty and tangled.

How To Tie A Tassel Knot?

Tying a tassel knot will be performed as follows:

  1. Take your laces and place the left one over the right to form an “X”, put it beneath crossed interests of both strings in the back then tighten by pulling on each end until a square is formed.
  2. Performing the same steps but with the Right lace going around the looped object times.
  3. Now trim excess stringing if necessary.

How To Tie A Chain Knot?

To tie a chain knot, first, use one hand to take the left lace and create an inch loop in between both strands. Hold it by holding onto only one side so that you can easily twist them together into place with little tension on your wrist or else risk getting stuck when trying steps 2-4 next.

It is important to note that the next step will be to make another string of a smaller size that will be attached to both ends of the current arrangement and go through this arrangement before you tighten it down deeply making sure not to lose any thread in the process.

The Surgeon’s Knot

The Surgeon’s Knot is a great way to fix your shoelaces if they have come undone.

Follow these steps:

  1. Make an X with the left lace over the right and pull both laces until tight, making sure not to break any hooks in between.
  2. Fold down one side (which was previously on top), forming a 1-inch loop base near the toes/heel area where initially started tying off- this will help keep them secure while walking.

Why Choosing Boat Shoes?

Boat shoes were designed to be used when you’re on a boat, so they have distinctive features that make your feet stable and safe while walking across the surface. Leather or canvas is usually what’s used as material in these types of footwear; this means water resistance too.

The fact that they can be worn at sea as I do, makes them the perfect attire for someone who works at sea. In spite of the fact that it can get quite hot out there at times, it would be highly recommended that you wear some socks in order to stay comfortable when you are outside, even if it can get quite hot at times.

The Difficulty Of Boat Shoes

Conditions for wearing boat shoes are different from other types of footwear. They’re usually made out of leather, which means they need to be broken in before being comfortable and breathable though most people find that their problems go away after a few wears/uses.

The shoelaces also have an uncommon way of tying system where you can’t just repeat one step over again as normal ties do; it takes some getting used to if this has never happened before while learning how to tie your own pair properly (or ask someone who does).


Start by threading one lace under the other and pulling up a loop, then tighten. Make a second loop in the same way, but this time go over the top of the first loop before tightening. This is your basic knot. You can now do all sorts of things with it. To make boat shoes you will need to know how to tie 5 different knots: The Barrel (or Centre) Loop Ring Bolster Technique; Chain Knot Surgeon’s Knot and Tassel Loops / Tails too. Below shows how to do the Chain Knot which is used for laces that are not very thick or have been damaged).

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Frequently Asked Questions

With boat shoes, do you wear socks?

Wearing socks with boat shoes may be strange and uncomfortable for experienced boaters. If you’re one of these people who likes to keep their feet cozy, then no-show or low ankle styles are perfect.

Should boat shoes be tight or loose?

Modern boat shoes are designed to fit more loosely so that people wearing them won’t fall or skid when working on a boat. If you’re going for the traditional look, though? Wear your favourite pair with tightness.

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