What are Slip-resistant Shoes?

If you’re going to work in an industry that requires non-slip footwear, like construction or manufacturing for example (or even just working on slippery surfaces), having the right kind of shoe is crucial. But what exactly does “non-slip” mean? As its name suggests - it prevents us from slipping when we walk/stand up at our desks. To be sure about getting this type of style of shoes though there are some things worth knowing before buying them.

When you think about shoes, do they make your feet feel comfortable or not? If the answer is no then here’s what I would recommend. The first thing that comes to mind for most people when thinking of footwear are their favorite pair which has been worn day in and day out without any problems whatsoever.

However, this may not always be true because there could’ve easily been an issue with these types of non-slip-resistant materials somewhere down.

Why is slip resistance essential?

Slips and falls at work can be dangerous. The Centers for Disease Control says that these types of injuries are third on the list behind only Musculoskeletal ( Bones ) related problems, along with transport-related incidents like car collisions or bus wrecks which result in many nonfatal cases each year.

The passage shows how often people get injured when they walk around inside buildings, especially in places where there is a lot of activity such as hospitals and kitchens because there is a lot going on inside. Furthermore, it discusses some ways in which you may be able to protect yourself from being injured.

When you’re on the job, there are a number of things that can happen in an instant. You might have to move quickly or make decisions with just one moment’s hesitation but if your balance begins faltering because too many slip-resistant shoes don’t offer enough traction for slippery surfaces like oil drums and greasy floors? It could be curtains for both worker safety and productivity.

The proper footwear not only helps prevent accidents from happening; it also ensures our employees stay safe while at work by providing them increased friction so they maintain stability during tough tasks such as walking across varnished wood decks without falling over due to any hesitant footing caused.

The ideal non-slip footwear will have:

The cushioned, memory foam footbed of the Women’s Hiking Boot provides maximum comfort and arch support so you can go on your next adventure in style. The lightweight rubber soles have a gripping pattern that helps to keep it from slipping when wet or dirty while also being shock absorbent so there is no additional risk for falls due to slip-nosed terrain during hikes.

The best way to avoid injuries and have pain-free hours on your feet is by wearing the right shoes. When you wear a pair of quality sneakers all day long, you will be comfortable and protected from any long-term damages that may occur as a result of standing, walking, or moving around all day long.

Most common types of anti-slip footwear

Casual sneakers come in a variety of different styles and materials from which to choose. Shoes that are most popular for active people are lace-up casuals, which are designed to be slipped on or tightened as needed with laces that go around your foot like the ones you can find at shoe stores.

Nike Air Jordan line or Adidas Adi Ezquerra Cascadia-style footwear (which has rubber soles). Some other great options include Van’s branding skateboard decks; they offer comfortable waterproof protection plus easy slipping action due to soft padding underneath the sole unit.

If you work on the front lines in any industry, slip-on shoes and sneakers will be perfect for your needs. They’re versatile enough to go anywhere from scrubs all the way up to casual wear like jeans or dresses! If it gets really heavy-duty (or if there are electrical hazards), some boots come equipped with special cleats so that workers can trip without worrying about their own safety first.

The Vionic Pro Collection

The Vionic Pro shoes are perfect for those who work in medical settings. The rubber soles provide traction on wet or oily surfaces, and each pair passed the ASTM International F1677 performance standards of professional anti-slip footwear which means they’re tested against various dry/wet conditions as well.

For the Food Service Industry

Vionic’s Pro collection provides a variety of fashionable men and women’s non-slip styles which are slip resistant, providing support for your feet while not hurting them in the process. The best part about these shoes is that they’re easy to clean due their material composition making it so you don’t have stains all over after wearing them one time.

Vionic shoes are made to keep your feet cool all day long with breathable woven uppers that won’t get too sweaty or greasy. You can find options for leather, oil-resistant fabrics and other styles in both medium widths (for those who often need extra space) as well wide widths if you have trouble finding dressier footwear at work.

A casual shoe is perfect when stepping outside of office hours because they’re easy going enough not only to go out but also to be tested by many women already wearing them around town until their next big event.

Slip Resistant Footwear for Medical Workers

Vionic understands how much time healthcare professionals spend walking around on slick floors throughout hospitals, clinics and operating rooms. Whether you’re a doctor or nurse your shoes should allow for comfort while focusing solely on what’s important - doing one' s job well.

That is why we have made non-slip footwear specifically designed with arch support so professional quality shines through without any worries of discomfort after hours long shifts are done.


Shoes are an essential part to any wardrobe. From work boots and casual shoes, all the way up through dressy heels or sandals - you’ll find something perfect for every occasion in our wide selection here at DSL Shoes Store. But what makes a style Non-Slip Shoe different from other types? The key word being “non slip.” This means they prevent us from slipping while walking around on slippery surfaces such as construction sites with wet bricks underfoot (or even just kitchen floors).

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