The next time you go hiking, think about what type of footwear would be best suited to the terrain you are going to encounter. Water would be involved? In the uneven ground, traction loss on rocks and roots could result in an injury if not careful around creeks/river banks, where flowing streams may also be present.

Hiking can be an amazing experience, but it’s important to consider the conditions of your hike. Wide trails with little variation make for less interesting hikes that will likely leave you feeling bored and tired quickly; while narrow twisty paths provide more opportunities so they’re better suited when looking forward to exploring new areas or just getting some fresh air outside.

What Should We Wear When Hiking In Water?


Poor footwear can lead to pain, blisters, and open wounds on your feet. The right shoes will keep you comfortable while hiking so that the bad stuff doesn’t happen.

The inside of a shoe can be quite dirty and gross, especially when hiking. The next time you go on a hike, there are a number of different problems that you might come across.


As hikers, we know how important it is to have a good hiking trip. Most people do not realize, however, that the footwear they wear can make or break their adventure, especially when it comes to balancing on slippery rocks and crossing deep rivers with strong currents. It is important for us to focus on safety when it comes to our work.

  1. A boot’s traction is how well it grips the surface it is walking on
  2. Foot health - minimizing fungus, blisters, and pressure points.
  3. Wear foot protection to prevent kicks, stabs, twisting ankles, snake or insect bite poisonings, etc.


Hiking footwear comes in many different shapes and sizes, with a variety of features to choose from. Choosing the best shoes for our waterfall hikes is not just about the price tag, but also how durable they are over the long-term, as well as the possibility of injuries that might occur while wearing them or if they should be broken upon impact, then what will happen next? Is there life Insurance coverage involved?? The possibilities sound alarming.

For waterfall hikes, what type of footwear should we wear?

Hiking is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature, but it can also be dangerous. To make sure you stay safe while on your hike there are several things that should always come first: Shoes Your feet will tell us everything about how much weight they’re willing to carry; water-resistant or not? And what kind of terrain we plan for along our journey.

For waterfall hikes, we consider the following types of footwear:

  1. Hiking boots (waterproof)
  2. Day hiking shoes (waterproof)
  3. Sandals for hiking

Hiking Boots (waterproof)

Waterproof Hiking Boots are a great way to ensure that your feet stay dry no matter how far you go. They’re typically high-top hiking boots with membrane fabrics like Gore-Tex or GTX which keep water on the outside away from our skin, so we can cross creeks and rivers as long as it doesn’t get higher than an ankle.

Day Hiking Shoes (waterproof)

My wife loves hiking in general, but she’s especially fond of waterfall hikes. For these types of excursions, I prefer to bring my waterproof boots so that we can explore near-perfect conditions with confidence knowing all the while there will be no interference from riverbanks or rainforests on our adventure.

Sandals for Hiking

Waterproof hiking boots keep our feet dry during waterfall hikes, but it’s important to have a backup plan in case the weather changes. If you wear a pair of water sandals or (sandals that act more like shoes) then water can easily be let in and out of them, so you can go for long periods of time without being concerned about getting wet. They are also light enough that you don’t become fatigued from carrying too much weight, and they are breathable as well.


So, before your next hike, take a few minutes to think about the terrain you’ll be encountering and what footwear would be best suited for that environment. You may save yourself some pain down the road by making a smart decision when it comes to your hiking shoes.

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