What are the pros and cons of Bates?

It is possible to find some of the most affordable and durable tactical boots on this market. Although, as with many products that are prefaced by the word “tactical” in their name, there is always a debate as to what exactly makes a tactical product so different from other products.

Bates boots are made by whom?

There are now new footwear options to choose from for motorcycle riders in 2017 Made in USA Power Sports line, developed with a heritage that dates back to World War II. The line features boots made at our Big Rapids factory using high-quality materials and construction methods for performance protection as well as drawing on decades-old expertise when it comes to the comfortability of these tough riding shoes or boots.

Are Bates shoes comfortable?

The best boots for all seasons, these keep my feet warm in the winter and cool during summer. They’re also comfortable enough to wear every day.

Boots are worn by soldiers during training?

There are many risks to running in boots, especially during initial training and during operations. Initial boot camp runs can be extremely dangerous because you’re wearing heavy equipment that could cause injury if it gets stuck or shifts unexpectedly - which has happened before with soldiers who were injured by their own footwear.

How do I choose the best combat boots for the military?

The right boots can make all the difference in a combat situation. The following are some of today’s best choices for military or law enforcement personnel involved in intense situations where proper footwear will be necessary: Garmont T8 Bifida 8" Tactical Boot, Oakley Light Assault boot.

What is the purpose of soldiers wearing combat boots?

Military boots of today are built in a way that they can provide the best possible protection from the environment, as well as allowing soldiers to move more efficiently and effectively as a result of the protection they receive as a result of the boots they wear.

First responders wear what kind of boots.

Military Uniforms for Combat, Service & First Responders. Our 1 AR 670-1 Complaint Boots are made to meet the military’s standards and will withstand any terrain you’re willing to put them through. There is a wide variety of styles from which we choose - including 3 OCP Style or 4 combat style boots depending on your needs as well.

How light should men’s assault boots be?

The B Belleville One Xero is a light and portable boot that doesn’t sacrifice protection or comfort, especially in hot climates. It has an innovative design which makes it one of the most comfortable combat footwear options available anywhere.

Combat boots and military boots

Bates boots are scientifically proven to be the most effective military footwear for any type of terrain. The company’s innovative technology ensures that you can wear them all day long with ease and comfort, no matter how tough things get.


Our commitment to our country’s veterans is second-to-none. Whether you need a boot that can handle any task or just some casual wear, we’ve got what it takes for your feet! Browse all of the different styles available in this section including waterproof tactical boots with insulation built right into them so they’re always warm on those cold days at work as well as nonprotective military shoes.


The USMC combat boots are a reliable and tough choice for soldiers who need protection against the elements. They’re eight inches tall, making them a good height for deterring water, dirt, or fungus. Additionally, they have an embroidered flag on the heel, which can be seen as a sign of patriotism and strength.

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