Over the past few years, many brands have been making their way into becoming leading footwear companies. Many would say Nike is still at the top with its unmatched quality and performance but there are others who think differently about this subject matter- we’ll discuss everything here.

The latest hoop shoe releases from the top hoop shoe brands are on my mind, and I’m excited to talk about them. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes, there are so many options available to you, but I’ll suggest some of my favorites.

Which brand of Basketball Shoes is the best?

It would be best to look at the big four.

The four main brands that you can find so many awesome performers for are debated by most people. Some say Nike has the best models while others prefer Apple, Toyota, or Victoria’s Secret; but no matter what one thinks these competing companies will always be able to provide an excellent show.

Nike - the Biggest in Scale

The world’s biggest and most well-known shoe company has an extensive line of modern basketball shoes that you can find anywhere.

The brand has been building up its reputation as a leading sports shoe company. They have released many iconic models, and new innovations in tech to keep athletes at the top of their game, but with other brands releasing better-performing shoes for less money– consumers may be starting to see why some are saying Nike’s days seem numbered.

A Classic Loved by All - Air Jordan

What better way to show your love for basketball than by wearing the shoes that make it all happen? If you have been looking into buying some new gear but don’t know where to start, look no further. Jordan is one of the most popular performance shoe brands out there with 31 models and countless color/edition options available.

You can’t really compare the stiffness of an old shoe with a new one. For basketball players, it is important to stay up-to-date so that their performance does not suffer from outdated technology or materials used in older styles. One way they do this? By buying Air Jordan sneakers. If you want your hoops game taken seriously - as I mean really played hard on court style without sacrificing comfort level at all times.

Right Now, Adidas is on Fire

For the past three years, Adidas has been on a roll. The BOOST innovation was released by the company and became an instant hit with consumers around the world as soon as it was released. The Adidas lineup is full of great shoes that provide some amazing tech, materials, and overall experiences. There are way more signature models now too which offer budget-friendly prices with good quality.

Awesome & Overlooked Under Armour

The most underappreciated company in the history of basketball shoes. Yes, they only started producing footwear back when it was still called Le Bron James’s dad’s burger stand (you know how hungry people are), but neither Adidas nor Nike were around so there is no reason not to give these guys some credit for putting out the good product while having less popular than either one would have thought at first glance.

Stephen Curry is back with the best basketball shoes since Under Armour released their first pair of successful footwear. They’ve been putting out more high-quality products that don’t break your bank like Nike or Jordan would, but still perform just as well.

My Personal Recommendations

It is with great pleasure that I present my picks for the Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes of the Modern Era, as always. We hope that this will give you a sense of how far Under Armour has come with their shoes, not just Curry’s, but the entire Under Armour line.

The Curry 3 Low from Under Armour is currently my favorite shoe from the brand. In spite of the fact that I love the Curry 2.5 for its versatility, the Curry 3 Low is more comfortable and mobile for me.


Nike is still the top dog when it comes to footwear companies, but Adidas is catching up quickly. In 2017, Nike’s market share was 47% while Adidas had 27%.3 years ago, Nike’s market share was 58% and Adidas had 20%.4 years ago, Nike’s market share was 59% and Adidas had 18%.

Andrew Robert
I am Robert Andrew and I have been reviewing shoes for the past 4 years. Living in California, I have a wide variety of shoes to choose from and review. I enjoy sharing my thoughts on different types of shoes with others who are looking for information before making a purchase.